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About Antenna Mechanisms

Pointing Mechanism

Astrium Products has a long and successful history in pointing mechanisms for various applications. In total 64 pointing mechanisms have been flown from top deck antennas, laser pointers to large instrument pointers like IPS

Latest developments are Highly Agile Downlink Antennas for LEO to Earth high data rate transmission

Heritage programmes include:

Italsat F2, Telecom 2, Hispasat, Astra 2B, INTELSAT KTV, Olympus, IOC, (Eureka), DFH3, Skynet 4/Skynet 5, Satcom BW, SILEX (Spot 4, Artemis), Spot 1-5, Helios 2, Gomos/Envisat, ELSA/LOLA, Terra-Sar X, N-fire, IPS, KOMPSAT-2


Deployment Mechanism

Astrium Products has a long and successful history in 1-axis or 2-axis deployment mechanisms for various applications driven by electrical motors or springs. In total 104 deployment mechanisms have been flown such as for steerable or side deployable antennas, booms and instruments, solar and radar panels

Latest development is a 2 axis antenna deployment and pointing mechanism (ADTM Mk2)

Heritage programmes include:

ROSAT, AMOS, Locstar, ERS/SAR, Italsat 1, Olympus, ROCSAT, METOP, Astrium -E2000/E3000, Inmarsat 2, Artemis, Skynet 4, SAR Small Satellite, Champ, Grace, Terrasar X


In details:

Antenna deployment mechanism (ATM)

Antenna pointing mechanism - compact

Antenna pointing mechanism/equipment

Hold down and release mechanism (HRM)

Lightweight microstrip patch radiators